Our MC

Introducing: Ron Klappholz  

Ron is a second year IEP student at NPSIA, and is very excited to be hosting this year’s soiree, but even more excited to be graduating in April. Ron got his undergrad in political science and economics at Carleton too, so after five years, he’s just ready to mic drop and GTFO. Ron used to be an actor, studying at the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal and working from Vancouver to St. John’s pretending to be someone else for money. He traded in the glitzy life of schlepping alcohol and being a permanent destitute to go back to school. Now he works at ISED and is on only one personality altering medication. Ron can sing and dance, but will not be singing or dancing the night of the soiree for contractual obligations tied to his three talent agents back in Toronto. Ron is incredibly honoured to be asked once again to participate at NPSIA's prom and is looking forward to getting tastefully smashed with people on average six years younger than he is.